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Portfolio: Sculptures
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Contemporary sculptor Shen Xiaonan's works range from small to monumental sculptures, include limited edition bronzes or originals only, in materials varying from bronze to wood.

Xiaonan's works are available for purchase and he can also be commissioned to execute any sculpture - whether it be a bronze bust, a fountain, or a 30 metre high marble, stone or bronze statue!

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Public Sculptures Portfolio

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Clloud - public sculpture - stainless steel


Missing a Tooth

"Missing a Tooth"

Wind - a stainless sculpture - click here for larger view


Prime Ministers of China - click here for a larger view

"Prime Ministers of China"

Click here for larger image of Tennis Terracotta Warriors for Tennis Master Cup Shanghai 2007 - ATP project

"Tennis Terracotta Warriors"
for Tennis Master Cup Shanghai 2007 (ATP)
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